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Research Projects in Indonesia

Current projects:


Past Projects:

The BaliMEI project♦
Indonesia is of key strategic importance for influenza surveillance and research, as it continues to report the majority of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) outbreaks worldwide. However, research on the ecology and evolution of influenza viruses in Indonesia has been severely limited. Within Indonesia, the island province of Bali might be a particular hotspot for mixing of influenza viruses from different geographic regions and host species, due to high densities and close proximity of humans, poultry and pigs, along with its status as a popular tourist destination… read more

Project Leader: James Rudge
Contact the BaliMei project here

The GIZ Indonesia♦
Indonesia is a lower middle income country in Southeast Asia, with over 17,000 islands and more than 200 million inhabitants. The country is at the center of many recent geological catastrophes, including the 2004 Tsunami and the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake. It has also witnessed 9 SARS cases and the highest number of human cases of avian influenza and total deaths. Indonesia’s size, demographics, and decentralised health system poses significant challenges to operationalising pandemic preparedness plans… read more

Project Leader: Samantha Watson
Contact the GIZ Indonesia project here

♦The AsiaFluCap Project♦
Operational planning to implement strategic pandemic influenza plans remains a major challenge. This project will help ensure resources are deployed effectively and efficiently in countries in Asia in the event of a pandemic. To date, an important challenge has been that there is no universally accepted, organised method for evaluating preparedness… read more

Head of the project: Richard Coker
Contact the AsiaFluCap project here

♦Towards Universal Social Security in Emerging Economies: Process, Institutions and Actors♦
The project analyses the efforts of selected emerging economies to move towards universal provision of social security, with a focus on health care and income support. It provides a comparative analysis of the political, economic and social drivers of, and constraints on, the extension of social security to all, and draws out the implications for poverty reduction, equity, growth and democracy… read more

Project researcher: Susanne MacGregor

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