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LSHTM staff with research projects in Vietnam




Professor Lucy Gilson, Professor of Health Policy and Systems

Research Projects in Vietnam


Past Projects:
♦ The AsiaFluCap Project ♦
Operational planning to implement strategic pandemic influenza plans remains a major challenge. This project will help ensure resources are deployed effectively and efficiently in countries in Asia in the event of a pandemic. To date, an important challenge has been that there is no universally accepted, organised method for evaluating preparedness… read more

Head of the project: Richard Coker
Contact the AsiaFluCap project here

♦ Lovastatin for adult patients with dengue: protocol for a randomised controlled trial ♦
Dengue is the most important vector- borne viral infection of man, with approximately 2 billion people living in areas at risk. Infection results in a range of manifestations from asymptomatic infection through to life-threatening shock and haemorrhage. One of the hallmarks of severe dengue is vascular endothelial disruption. There is currently no specific therapy and clinical management is limited to supportive care. Observational data suggest that the use of statins may improve outcomes for such conditions as sepsis and pneumonia. This paper describes the protocol for a randomised controlled trial investigating a short course of lovastatin therapy in adult patients with dengue.

Please see trial protocol here
Project Leader: James Whitehorn

♦ Resilient and Response Health Systems (RESYST) ♦
RESYST is an international research consortium which aims to enhance the resilience and responsiveness of health systems to promote health and health equity and reduce poverty. It is funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development. RESYST conducts health policy and systems research in Africa and Asia to promote health and health equity and reduce poverty.

The aim is to achieve geographical coverage of health services in all locations… read more

Head of project: Kara Hanson and Lucy Gilson
Contact the RESYST project here

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